Living as householders

Gururaj_familia_guitarraLiving as householders, we try to do our best. There is nothing wrong in making mistakes. To try and live to the best of our ability is the great thing.

There is no way to short cut or do away with your karma, but meditation helps you to gain the strength to face the fruits of what you have sown, and suffering becomes less.

With the law of karma, we also have the law of Grace operating, but to invoke the law of Grace we have to improve our karma.

If you have done ten wrong deeds, it does not necessarily mean that you will have to pay directly for them, but if you do eleven good deeds you will have one in the credit balance. Karma does not mean that for every action you perform you have to pay. In one sense you have to pay if you do nothing about it, and in another sense, you can overcome the effects of a particular wrong karma by performing a good karma. As long as you are on the credit side of life, you invoke the law of Grace.

When meditation and proper living are combined, the law of Grace is forever there, and it will come to you through various channels and through various ways, for you will definitely get what you deserve.


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