Serve for the sake of serving

Gururaj and Jeeru after babtismWhen we serve for the sake of serving, when it is motiveless and egoless, then service has value and is evolutionary. It is never stagnating—if it stops growing it dies. Genuine service, like the life of the flower, consists of its flowering, for that flowering is life and life is never stagnant. It forever flows all the time, because it is serving without motive.

Self-forgetfulness does not mean to become unaware of oneself, because it is only in developing a greater awareness of oneself that one really forgets oneself. What we mean by self-forgetfulness is forgetting our own personal needs, our own personal wants, and our own personal selfishness. We come to think not of ourselves only, but also of others. It is only when we know ourselves that we can be aware of the needs of others, and in the awareness of the needs of others, a kind of forgetfulness takes place. This is the kind of forgetfulness that brings about the true awareness of ourselves. True awareness of ourselves means that we accept and recognize the real Self within.

The desire which is entirely for serving humanity does not form attachment, and therefore it creates no impressions or samskaras in the mind, because that desire is without motivation. All desire for service is without ego.

By serving humanity, we are flowing with the laws of nature. When we flow with the laws of nature, all our needs are automatically and spontaneously fulfilled, without our knowing it.

The secret lies in trying to gain integration within oneself, where service to humanity becomes automatic and spontaneous, not schemed.

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