The Choiceless choice


Flowing with His choice

GR1So when it comes to choices, who chooses for you? Your ego chooses. Because the ego is patterned and according to its patterning it makes its choice. You are fond of mountains or someone is fond of the sea. Why? Because you are used to mountains, so you’re attracted to the mountains. And if you’re fond of the sea, you’re attracted to the sea. But yet, man can combine within himself the mountains and the sea together. For what is the difference between the mountain and the sea? You would have just as much ozone up in the hills, the mountains, as you would have at the seaside. What is the difference between the molecular structure between the mountain and the sea? None whatsoever. And then, where did the mountain come from? It was an eruption in the sea that pushed up the mountain. Do you see? And if you climb mountains, you are sure to find as… in my younger days, I used to love mountaineering. And on the mountains I used to find sea shells. So did the mountain not rise from the sea itself? So why do I discriminate between the mountain and the sea? Now, if I could bring myself to find the oneness of everything, the mountain and the sea and the land in between it, then I am in compliance with divine will.

So choices are made because of your preferences, and your preferences are governed by preconditioning. That’s why you choose the mountain or you choose the sea. Do you see? So choices are made because of your ego self, and your ego self is nothing else but thought formation. So the process is simple, really. You unform the formation. And then when you can do that, you will learn to look, observe yourself and the various processes of the mind that leads you to certain kinds of choices.

So you have a vacation for two weeks. Now, are you going to go to New York or Los Angeles? Why? How does that choice come about? Because you might have read some articles on New York, so you’re attracted to New York. You want to go and see the Empire State Building or else you might have read articles on California, the seventeen mile drive. So therefore, you’re attracted to that. So choice is a matter of conditioning, to repeat again. Divine will does not choose for you. It is your own ego self that chooses. And the ego self, as I’ve said before, is nothing but a whole conglomeration of thought forms created by yourself, by your environment, by your childhood, by past lives, perhaps, who knows. Do you see.

Ah, but the greatest area to discover is to have choiceless choice. Now what does that mean, choiceless choice. Where you do not choose anything, but you flow into everything. Then in that flow the right path is shown unto you if you should go to New York or to Los Angeles. Do you see. Mind you, Los Angeles is quite nice. I like Disneyland. I don’t like New York. You can’t at night walk through Times Square or through Central Park without getting mugged. Do you see?

So it is not a matter of choosing, it is a matter of being chosen. There’s the difference. You’re chosen to do a certain thing by that divine will and you just flow with it. Why not? I might have used this analogy before somewhere in some country, I don’t know. You sit at the ocean side, and you watch all those waves up and down and up and down. But you can enjoy those waves if you become a surfer and surf along on the waves. And then it becomes a sport, it becomes a play. And is life not a play? The actors on the stage, huh, acting away, playing their parts. And yet the actor realizes that if he should play Romeo or whatever, Hamlet, this, that, the other, he’s not that Romeo, he’s not Hamlet and he’s not Julius Caesar either. Right. He’s playing a part. So if life could be regarded as just playing a part and to flow with the part. For the director is there to direct you. That energy. That impersonal God if you would like to use that kind of terminology, he’s directing you all the time.

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