The secret of happiness is not in belongings, but in belonging.

G & PavritranandaWhen someone says, “I don’t love such-and-such a person,” the fault is not in the object. The fault lies in the subject, because the subject has failed to recognize what love is.

Understanding does not require analysis. Analysis can only bring you acquired knowledge which is far different from inner knowledge. Inner knowledge is wisdom. Love is always expressed in the wisdom that blooms from within, for the sake of itself, to glorify itself. That is love.

The secret of being able to love is to lose oneself totally. We stop thinking, “I am the center of the Universe.” Not I, but Thou. That is knowing what love is. When the peace comes that passes all understanding, all analysis, and all rationalization, then you start knowing what love is. So the prerequisite of love is to be able to love yourself.


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