Friendship and need

gururaj ananda in Madrid 1984Real friendship, like love, should have no need. Where there is no need, there is total acceptance of a friend.

Man knows that he cannot exist without friendship, and yet he abuses friendship, because in the friendship, self is involved instead of selflessness.

It is so easy to love a friend; anyone can do that. But love an enemy: Then you’re a man. In the words of Shakespeare in Julius Caesar, “ . . . the elements were so mix’t in him that Nature might stand up and say to all the world, ‘This was a man!’” That was Jesus.

True friendship extended to another is a way of leading one to true friendship of God. What better friend do you want?

If you can’t be a friend of God, be a friend of man. For if you befriend man in the way that I have told you about, you automatically befriend that which is known as God. You see how simple it is?

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