Thinking useless thoughts

useless_thoughtsSo what is here in the mind? Nothing but confusion. All kinds of varying thoughts conflicting. I have to pick up this glass. Now I have to think, «Shall I pick up this glass or not?» Why must I think, «Shall I pick up this glass?» Pick it up. Do you see?

Most of the energies that we expend in life is by thinking useless thoughts. That is where all our energies go to, and then we say we got no time to meditate. You see how misguided these energies can become. Thinking all these useless thoughts like what dress am I going to wear tonight when I go to Guruji’s satsang or tomorrow morning? Come naked if you want to, for all I care! It doesn’t effect me or distract me. Do you see. Useless thoughts.

Ah, the real thought would be, let me think of something that I really want to know, and let the mind contemplate what is troubling the heart. A question that has never been answered by all of the books that you have read. Contemplate that. It will serve a better purpose. And let us be with Guruji and see how he can explain it to us. Do you see?

So we trouble ourselves, and nothing else in the world can ever trouble us. Nothing. And the more you think of problems, the more problems you are going to have. You definitely will, that is for sure. Because your mind is involved in problems, so naturally, what else can come out of problematic thinking is but more problems? But if you can feel free and find that freedom by non‑attachment, then let the problems come and go. Why must I let the boat of this life be tossed around on those waves? I’m going to sit on the seashore and watch those waves. And what will I find? I will find beauty in that movement of the waves, my eyes will see the beauty of its rhythm; and not only that, I will hear the sound of those waves which will have a great calming effect upon me, so harmonious.

But if you want the waves, you make waves. If you want calm, you find calm. The way is shown, the tools are given. The hammer and chisel and wood is there. Action! Act. And if the action is unselfish it will not produce a reaction. This is revolutionary, philosophical truth which I am telling you tonight. It’s new. You won’t find it in any of the Vedas or Upanishads because they maintain that for every action there is a reaction. Whatever you sow you reap. We go beyond that. Only if the action is unselfish there will be no reaction because the unselfish action will not cause an impression in the mind which will erupt again as an effect upon you. Do you see. So that is the secret of the nowness of life. That is the secret of existence. And then, even in the seeming reality, you will find the actuality.

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