Uttering words of an aggressive nature

Gururaj at DinnerBy uttering words of an aggressive nature we can do so much harm to a person’s entire life. If we hurt somebody with a stick, that wound will heal in a few weeks or a month. If we leave a scar on a person’s mind, that scar can remain for a lifetime.

It is the mind that invents the satans and gods. The entire universe is nothing but mind and all problems in life are created by the mind. Culturing the mind through meditational practices, we learn to overcome the mind and go beyond it. There truth is found.

We will never find a single person on earth who entertains negative thoughts and wrong thinking that is a happy person, because this is in direct opposition to happiness.

The Divine force, the Kingdom of Heaven, is within: that is the only force that can get rid of all our ills.

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