Risking our little ego

mascaraAre we prepared to risk our little ego, that wants us to cling to life? There is nothing wrong with clinging to life, because everything is life. But what is our understanding of life? That is the question. Does life mean the conditionings of which our mind is a product? Does life mean the mundane things to which we attach so much importance? Is this really life? Is that really living?

That which binds us is nothing but our own egos. It is the ego that has the perception of time and space. It is the ego that has the perception of all sufferings. All our actions are nothing but feeding the ego for its self-preservation. The ego wants to cling to life because it things that this time and space is permanent. There is the illusion: thinking that by preserving the ego one has found the secret of preserving time and space according to one’s selfish need.

When one decides to himself, I do not need to preserve the idea of myself, then he finds freedom.


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