ExperienceSo what we want is experience. We want to experience here and now in this lifetime what search is all about and what the goal is all about. Because we are just searching and searching and going around in circles. What are we searching for? And what is the goal that we are searching for? We don’t know. We are in a jungle. Yes. In a maze, just going round and round and round. Then we start studying various philosophies. We study the Vedanta, the Upanishads, the Vedas, Zen Buddhism, and this, that, Mahayanan, and all the «Yanas.» The real way to find is just not to find, for all is already found. Divinity is here and now. Everyone sitting here in this room is Divine. And man must realize that. The moment man realizes that he is Divine, then all that supposed undivineness disappears. For that can only be achieved by experience

~Gururaj US 78-03


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