Thinking about Fear

FearAs long as we linger on thoughts of fear, we become more fearful. You cannot get rid of fear by thinking of fear. You’re strengthening the fear within yourself. Now some Psychologists say you should substitute fear with that which is opposite, fearlessness. Norman Vincent Peale said to take all negative thinking and push in positive thinking. And, that is impossible. So what do you do? You’ve got to neutralize the mind. And how do we neutralize the mind? By spiritual practices. If a fearful thought comes into your mind, let it be there. You can become an observer of that thought and the thought loses its power. Now to become an observer, it’s a long process, it just does not come overnight. There must be some easy way. So what do you do? You do your mantra or you do your chant. And by doing your chant, you would lift up your vibrations to a level where the fear would lose its hold on you and then you think of fearlessness, which will have effect. So all these various forces of nature are at your beck and call, they are at your command. Use them. Use them, and its simple to use them.

~ Gururaj


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