Who can conceive of that which is abstract?

Gururaj_retrato_campoWho can conceive of that which is abstract? It is so much easier to conceive of it through the concrete. It is through the concrete that we become one with the abstract.

True awareness necessarily stems from the truth that is within us, and it is a quality of truth to be absolutely unconditioned.

When the mind quiets down in meditation, expectations vanish. We do the seeking, but Divinity finds us.

When you realize truth and experience truth, you realize yourself. When you realize yourself, you realize Divinity.

What is the motive for attachment to a superior being? It is because we want something. And yet we forget all the time that divine energy permeates everything and knows the needs of every creature.

It is not wrong to carry one’s ideal within one’s heart, in whatever form. Your ideal could be your wife, your husband, your guru, Christ, Krishna, anyone. The recognition must be there however that, “It is not the outward form I carry in my heart, but it is the inner spirit that must and does permeate me and I must not only recognize mentally, but experience and realize.”


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