Astrology, Mediums and other psychics

Astrology, Mediums and other psychics
Astrology, Mediums and other psychics

Astrologers are of no use at all!

Copy (2) of Gururaj photos 011CHRIS: Would you speak about the practice of consulting with psychics, astrologers, and other spiritual mediums.

GURURAJ: Psychics, astrologers, and others mediums is an absolute waste of time. They know nothing. An astrologer goes according to the books that has been written about and everyone has put in their thought and start their systems and methods. There’s no validity in that whatsoever. A true astrologer or psychic operates more on the intuitive level. Ninety or 95 percent is intuitive. And the more highly developed the person is the more would the things which he tells you be true. Otherwise it’s just making a fast buck, making a living. Then the mediums, again, there are no entities over there in the other world that is going to flow through the medium to answer the questions. They have developed some little quality of mind reading, and if you are worried about Auntie Matilda, remember Auntie Matilda is not worried about you. Because thinking about you would involve the mind state. There in the other sphere the mind is not functioning. Only the impressions are functioning that would determine your next birth.

I remember David Fiske, that is what his name was, and I told this to you before here or in England, he was the leader of the TM movement, and he spent about 14 months in India, mostly with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. I don’t know why he calls himself a yogi. What does he know about yoga, the union of him and God? That’s yoga. Nevertheless, he went to an astrologer, a very well known one in South Africa. And the astrologer said that you must not get married, and if you do get married your life will be unhappy and within 2 years time the marriage will break up. So he phones me. He was in Johannesburg, which is 1000 miles from Cape Town, he phones me and he says, «I must see you very urgently,» because he had met a girl there in Johannesburg. Her name is Irene. So I went through his horoscope and I tore it up into 1000 pieces and threw it in the dirt box. I said, «This is all bunkum. It’s nonsense. You go back to Johannesburg and propose to Irene, formally, of course, and get married.» They got married, I think about 10‑12 years ago now. They have a few lovely children. They migrated to Canada, and they’re so very, very happy.

So what validity is there in astrology? None whatsoever. So don’t go in for these things. Rather go within yourself. All the answers are there and the deeper you go you’ll find the answers. And this works. There again we come to that gap. While you’re washing the dishes or whatever you want to do, you’re thinking of your sister coming and that happens between the in‑breath and the out‑breath‑‑you’re not aware of it‑‑where you think your sister is coming and here a second later you hear a knock on the door. And the sister’s there. It’s all within yourself. You do not need to consult all these other people. It’s not necessary. We have some people here I would just think of a thought, «Oh it would be nice to have a cup of tea,» and here, Vidya, for example, would be coming with a cup of tea. Or she says something. I’m just about to say something and she says it and vice versa. That happens in that gap. You just instantly know the all of it.

Now, this applies to psychics, astrologers and psychics more so. Psychics are governed by an energy which we could call psychic energy. But that energy is motivated by the patterns created in their minds, and when you dig a channel the water will only flow through that channel, and not through another channel because another channel is not there. So they develop this ability which I can teach you in three to four months. It’s very easy. But it has no value at all for your spiritual progress. You’re delving within your mind all the times, and all the greatest masters like Ramakrishna and Vivekananda and so many others have always been against developing psychic powers. Because they lead you away from the real goal of life. You’ll find most psychics are mentally disturbed. Because they’re working on the mind level all the time. You might have read a book, Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain, co‑authored and one author is [Postranda?]. I can’t remember the other. They found a woman there who just by thought force, psychic force, could separate the white of the egg from the yolk or could move metal objects from one part of the table to another just by thought force. And these things are very very simple. Yesterday when we had a group, as we’re going to have one today and tomorrow‑‑divide up into small groups, we had a chit‑chat about things, and yesterday the theme was psychology. Today we’ll have some other theme, whatever. And we went into the various aspects of the mind. And psychic powers are not important at all. They’ll muddle you more and more and more. And not only is the psychic more muddled up, but he’ll muddle you more and more. And then you have the seances which is a whole lot of trickery. Black curtains around you, dim lights, and peering into the crystal ball, perhaps, or using tarot cards. It’s a whole lot of rubbish. Don’t go in for that. Go into the world of purity. You do not need to know what is going to happen tomorrow. That is why they go to psychics and astrologers. The newspapers that are published every day have a column on horoscopes. And many people buy a paper and the first page they turn to is the horoscope page. Because they want to know. They’re curious. But why? Let the day flow as it is, and be happy and you’ll find a great difference. Because I have for the fun of it gone through horoscopes, and they work on certain principles which are laid out on how to write horoscopes. I found one thing, if the horoscope writer gets up on the wrong side of the bed, all those horoscopes, Scorpio and Virgo and Sagittarius, will be negative, and if he or she gets up on the right side, they’ll be bubbling and giving you hope and things like that. So they depend upon the mood of the small little person who knows nothing about a human being. And those that follow those horoscopes are normally very insecure. Because they feel insecure they want to be reassured.

So don’t waste your time on newspapers if you just buy it for the horoscope. It’s a waste of time and valuable money and befuddling. So stay away from these things. They’re not worth it. Rather spend the time doing pranayama or the gap or gurushakti, and you’ll find yourself feeling much much better. And as I said, I went through horoscopes written by various people and they say you’re going to have a gloomy day and your lucky number is 11 and your color is blue. And it has proved all wrong. Because this person I met that day whom I seem to like very much was wearing the color red. The lucky number turned out to be a different number all together, although there are no such things as lucky numbers. Every number is lucky. It’s just a whole lot of superstition as the number 13 is. An ex‑prime minister of South Africa was born on the 13th. It’s a pity he was not born in the 13th month or else he would not have been there creating apartheid. The numbers of his house was 13, and everything had to do with 13. In spite of the number 13, he reached the highest post of Prime Minister of the country. So every number is a good number. And if it was not a good number all your arithmetic and mathematics would not work at all. It would all go haywire. So it’s of no importance at all. It’s all a waste of time.


  1. I like how Mr. Gururaj thinks. Although some people would rather take life as it is, a lot of people would still like to believe that there are spirits around us. That there is a supreme being. When we cannot explain what is happening, we assume its the ‘spirit’ moving around us. Nothing is wrong with that, in the end know that we still hold our future and use this (astrology and the like) as a guide only.

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