Bring the attention to the center!

GR_painting_web04How many of us bring the attention to the center, to where it is still? That is the secret of life: to go beyond the polarities. Where there is mind, there are polarities. When we go beyond the mind we go beyond polarities, and center ourselves within ourselves. That is the area of joy and bliss; that is what all human beings are striving for.

By meditation and spiritual practices, what we are doing is going deep down to the superconscious level which is closest to the Manifestor. We use those subtler energies to remodify the thought patterns of the conscious mind. For the conscious mind is a conditioned mind, and we’ve got to use a subtler force to be able to repattern or overcome its conditionings.

Happiness and joy are always there in the heart of the human being. All the things we do—rituals, religions, contemplation, and mediation— all are but preparations to reach back home to the Father that is within.

Through our practices, we draw out and rely on that which is in us. We allow that inner light to shine in the dark crevices of the mind and lighten it up. That lamp is forever burning bright, forever there, shining in all its glory, love and grace.


  1. but then why live? the eagerness to be with the Father is unbearble and dying is the fastest route to that merger…

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