Love can be walled up!

Gururaj_pijama_Concha_7Love can be walled up. Get rid of the walls! Meditation and spiritual practices are the surest means of breaking down these walls and opening the heart so that the heart can flow in its own divine glory. Each one of us can do it!

In studying various religions and extracting their essence, we find people devoted to Krishna, to Christ, to Buddha, or to another master. This devotion is solely for the purpose of the devotee; it is not for the sake of the master. It is through devotion that the devotee becomes one with the ideal of devotion. Then the lover, the beloved, and the love become one. Then nothing is necessary. You have to walk on the path, but once you have reached the goal, walking is not necessary.

Real, sincere love of an enemy, will change that enemy.

I would prefer someone to love me, rather than to rationalize me. Which is better, which is more joyful?


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