The things I teach

Gururaj_sentado_hablandoThe subtle body is the repository of all the experiences you have gained until the moment of parting. Until the moment of shedding this body, the subtle body has gained and retained within itself all the experiences, not only of this lifetime, but of all the lives that a person might have lived since the primal atom. So the subtle body goes on, carries forth, with these experiences. These experiences remaining in impression form are called samskaras.

The things I teach are not only useful for this life, but will help you when you die, because the experiences that you can have after death can be conditioned now. Heaven and hell can be created in another realm according to your conception and ideas. Keep on believing that you are going to burn in the fires of hell and you are going to burn. Keep on believing that it is going to be joyful on the other side, and the very mental conditioning that you are undergoing will make it joyful.

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