King Akbar

fulness(3)  There’s a little story, I don’t know if I told it here in England, that King Akbar, the great ruler in India, wanted to find the happiest man on earth.

Incredible_India_7_2 So he sent out all his Generals and Advisers and the first people they would naturally go to, would be the people of affluence. But everyone had some problem or the other. There were always problems and they searched and searched the whole world over. So in desperation Berbil, the Prime Minister, went out also in search and as he was crossing the river, he saw a person so happy, so joyful, sitting at the riverside, splashing in the water. Now Berbil was a very wise man, he could see and he found truly that this was a happy man. And yet this happy man never had a shirt on his back. Do you see?

images  So happiness, when one truly say that he is the doer and not say with the left hemisphere of the brain that analyses but the right hemisphere of the brain that is so connected and that pours forth those intuitive qualities or power, through the analytical left hemisphere, that would tell you how happy you are, for it does not need any possession. It does not need any possession and neither any position whatsoever. For it is an inner quality. It is an inner quality, an inner-ness that one has to approach by oneself, outward trappings are of no use. And when people go on repeating that «Thy will be done, they Kingdom come», it is a blasphemy, if they do not really realise the true import of what it really means. The Hindus go about saying «Brahmas Mee, I am He.» Words, words, words and nothing said.

INDIA-10005NF4It is a realisation that has to be reached. It is something to be experienced and this does not come through the analytical level of the mind but the experiential level where one just ‘is’. If you ask a young man and I heard this myself, a lovely young boy, someone asked him «When you grow up, what do you want to be? Do you want to be a Doctor, a Lawyer, an Engineer, an Architect?» So this young man replies «None of those. I just want to be.» How brilliant, how beautiful? It was some wisdom pouring through him.

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