Truth lies beyond good and evil

circunstanciasTruth is that area which lies beyond good and evil. This momentary, transitory, forever-changing way of life loses its importance. It loses its importance, not because it in itself is unimportant, but because of the effect it has on you. That is what is important.

While one is an embodied, unrealized being, karma will always have its ups and down. But we can, with effort, have more ups than downs. When this is true, know that there was a force pushing you and that force is Grace.

If you make up your mind and do not have a selfish motive in any circumstance, the whole circumstance will be altered for you. You are drawing on Grace.

Whenever there is action, be it physical or mental, there would be reaction. That means that where there is a cause, there is an effect. This must be remembered in the context of relative life only. When it comes to the absolute aspect of man, there is no karma. The spirit itself is karma free.

Harmony leads you to nonattachment, where karma becomes non-binding to you. You can be karmaless.

One can free themselves of karmic ties. First use objectification, which leads to nonattachment. Nonattachment leads to happiness, because you are not affected, and when you are not affected, you are not creating a cause. When no cause is created, it could not produce another effect, and, if another effect is not produced, another cause cannot be created again. That is the purpose of life. From stillness we came, and to stillness we return.

We must go beyond the mud of our karmas, for good and bad karmas are both binding.

Use this universal force so that you can go beyond this very small relative law that says whatever you have sown, you shall reap. It is true, but in a very limited form. The human being has the ability to go beyond it, and this is the message for this century and the next centuries to come: Do not feel guilty about the things that you have done, or the things that you have caused to be done, for you can go beyond them all. It can be discarded like a dirty garment.

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