Samskaras need not only be bad

Gururaj_espejo_recorte_1We are nothing but a bundle of past actions and thoughts that have been heavily impressed upon our psyche.

If a person now has a horrifying vision or experience in meditation, it doesn’t matter. The beautiful experience is just as valid as the ugly experience. What is brought to the fore is just the impression.

Samskaras need not only be bad, they can also be good; it depends on how and where they were formulated and expressed. If they were formulated by a greater amount of tamas, which is inertia or darkness, then more negativity would be apparent. If the samskaras which constitute the individual mind are dominated by sattva, or the forces of light, then naturally life would be more pleasurable. These two gunas, tamas and sattva, have to be activated by interaction between tamas, sattva and rajas.

All samskaras created in the individual minds of man are interconnected. A good person spreads, without any effort, goodness all around himself. It is the nature of the flower to be beautiful, but that is not the only thing it does. It enhances the beauty of the garden. That is why every person is responsible for the other.

Samskaras cannot be destroyed. Those samskaras (thought forms or forces) which we clean away from ourselves will go to where they are most attracted. That is why, if you keep on thinking negative thoughts, then more negative thoughts will be attracted to you. If you think more positive thoughts, then more positive thoughts will be forthcoming. From where do they come? You draw those which have been discarded by other individual minds; you actually become a magnet of attraction. That is how negativity increases, for everything is forever existent, nothing is ever destroyed, not even a single thought, not even a single samskara.


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