Fear and Negative emotions


Take the knocks of being the rim

Gururaj_sonrisa_recorte_1Now, man can centre himself, only after he can take the knocks of being the rim.  When a cartwheel progresses on the path, on the gravel road, it is the rim that is most used.  And when we can be most used in the experiences of life, and take them bravely, can we turn to the centre, otherwise not.  But we are doing things topsy-turvy, up-side down, wrong side up where we think we are the centre, when we are not.  We are just the circumference serving the centre, and when we lose that identity, when we lose that ego, then all fear would finish.  And as I said, the greatest, the greatest fear is loss, losing oneself, yet we know that it is only by losing oneself that one gains.  If you want to enjoy the sunrise, if you want to enjoy the flower, if you want to enjoy the gurgling brook, you can not fully appreciate or enjoy it if you stand apart from it.  In reality, or in apparent-ness, you are standing apart.  But when you can really identify yourself with the flower, when you can really identify yourself with the gurgle in the gurgling brook, then you really understand it and then you really appreciate it.  Then you are not standing apart.  And by not standing apart, you are losing your identity and becoming one with the flower, or the brook, or the sunrise, or the sunset.  That is identification.  And to achieve identification, one has to lose individuality.  One has to submerge oneself.  A salt doll went to the ocean, to find how salty the ocean is, but when it went to the ocean, it melted away into the ocean and became the salt of the ocean.  It became the ocean.  It merged itself in the ocean.  Individuality ceased, and when individuality ceases, ego is subdued.

That is what should be done, but we don’t do it.  Fine.  We want to preserve ego identity.  Now, we still can preserve ego identity and say, ‘I am John.  I am John’.  We can preserve that ‘John-ness’.  But let us lose the ‘I-ness’.  I am John, keep the ‘John-ness’, but lose the ‘I-ness’, that I am John.  And when that I-ness is lost, then John and Jill would find no difference between themselves.  That is identification, and when there is identification, all fears are lost, because two makes friction and when there’s identification, there’s no friction, and no fear.  Fear is always part and parcel of friction or conflict.  Now the conflict can occur between two people, or the conflict can occur within oneself.  Good.  And it is easier to patch up the conflict with the other person, but it is more difficult to clear up the conflict with oneself.  Good.  All asylums are filled with people that have mental conflicts, and the basis of most of these conflicts is of course is imbalance and imbalance is caused by fear.  And there can be many, many kinds of fears, many, many kinds of fears that produces many, many kinds of conflicts.

So, we have to live in this world as individual beings, and yet while living as individual beings, we still have to identify ourselves with all other beings.  We have to identify ourselves with all other beings in the sense of knowing that there is just oneness.  And the separation that is apparently so, is only created by the thoughts in the mind.  The separation is an idea, it is a thought, and those ideas of separation causes conflict and fear.  But if the idea of separation is taken away, and behind the idea, the reality is felt and found, there is no separation.  Then who is there to fear who when there is no separation?  Good.  So, this we can find through becoming more and more established in our meditational and spiritual practices, because it is only at the level of greater refinement, where this oneness is found.  It is like the pyramid, so broad at the base, but so one at the pinnacle, at the point, and that is where we are striving to reach.  That is where we consciously, or unconsciously are striving to reach, and that is where total happiness is to be found.  And when we have total happiness then there is no fear, there is no hatred, because total happiness is love, and there is no place for anything else.  And then ‘My cup runneth over’.  So if the cup is so full, there can be place for nothing else, then it runneth over in giving.  And when man gives, when man gives, he has no place in that cup for anything else.  It is running over and over all the time.

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