Collective karma

prado-rosaThe way to improve collective karma and to improve society is to improve oneself.

Actions cannot be judged on face value.

Karma Yoga is where you work for the sake of work and the rewards come by themselves. Whenever these rewards come they are accepted for one’s needs, for one’s necessities of daily life. But when the work is done, it is done in a sense of offering—that everything I do is an offering to Divinity.

There is a very simple way of self-analysis. If a person goes through five seconds of negativity, let the next six seconds be of positivity and you have one second in the credit balance. After that, if ten seconds go in negativity, left eleven seconds go in positivity, the credit balance: two seconds. If we live our lives consciously, with the practice of yama and niyama, then at night we’ll have the finest sleep with no insomnia. We will sleep contentedly because in tallying up the day’s activities we have so many minutes in the credit balance. Now, if you total it all up, the year has gone well, multiply by another sixty or seventy, or as long as you want to live—then you have evolved. You are then leaving this world a much better place than when you came into it because you are leaving this world a better person. That is the result of self-evaluation and self-study.


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