Married life

Gururaj_en_The_HayesThe sexual urge is one of the strongest urges, and it has to be given vent. The experience gained in total surrender between husband and wife can lead you to total surrender to God. The human being has been given the necessary equipment right from the physical level to the highest level of the soul. At every stage we have been given the tools to attain higher and higher and higher levels.

Devotion should be without need.

Gururaj with TomWhen the wife or the husband becomes demanding in getting the attention to feed his or her ego and self-importance, friction begins. To avoid this friction one has to learn surrender. When one learns to surrender completely to one’s beloved, then a love is felt and that love is akin to Divinity.

Love is not a thing that is just thrown in your lap; you have to work at it. And this has been proven over and over again. If my marriage fails, I must admit that fact. If we do something constructive in overcoming those weaknesses, then the marriage will not fail, because even the weaknesses in the husband or wife will be accepted in love, with love, for love. Why? To preserve love.

Be free to accept and therein lies your freedom.

As we progress in the path of married life we have a lot of ups and downs. Although two people are very close to each other, understand each other, and inwardly feel, “This is the right person for me,” there are ups and downs. These ups and downs are the sense of ego—”I am better than her, she is better than me, I am better than him.” The little ego stands in the way. It blocks the way for the natural flow of love or communication from heart to heart.

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