There shall be many doubters

Gururaj_priya_136There shall be many doubters. Let them doubt, for their doubts too will lead them.

If you go mountaineering, the experienced mountaineer goes ahead of you. When you come to a place that is difficult, he extends his hand and pulls you up. Now, you are not worshipping the mountaineer; but you have some trust: “Over this precipice he is holding my hand and pulling me up, and he’s not going to let my hand go, to let me fall into the precipice.”

So, that little trust is needed, until the trust is confirmed in your heart and mind. Then skepticism vanishes, as darkness will vanish when the light is switched on.

Ancient scriptures always advise that spiritual practices must not be taken from books or from people who are unqualified. They must be given by a guru and accepted by a chela. Only a guru can judge how much sensitivity is there and how the sensitivity is increasing—when to give the car more gasoline and when to put on the brakes. That is the job of the guru. He does that easily all the time.

The presence of the Guru is so important—because he not only brings wisdom with him, but he also brings with him a force, in a very tangible form, that helps us along the path to greater and greater joy.

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