bOTHO sTRAUSS(10)Tapas which literally means austerity. Now that austerity, like Brahmacharya is also a word so, so misinterpreted.

Austerity doesn’t mean that you deprive yourself; that if you have a bed at home, a comfortable bed, that you will go and sleep on the ground

Discipulos_cantando_2Enjoy life, enjoy – it’s shorter than you think. But enjoy it in the right way. And enjoying life in the right way is austerity.

That is austerity, enjoying life in the right way.

When a person has the required austerity, then he becomes indifferent to extremes; indifferent to extremes, because after practising the aspects of Yama and Niyama, then nothing can affect you. Hail, wind or storm, it doesn’t affect you because now here is a strength built up in you.

Discipulos_cantando_1  Now I want to repeat over and over again this evening that all these things come about by conscious effort and not closing your eyes for twenty minutes morning and evening.

That is a help. That gives you strength to put life itself into practice. And by putting life into practice, we live a practical life. That’s what we want, not a sleeping life. And most people go to sleep in meditation in any case.

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