The Spiritual Value in Human Beings can be Experienced

The spiritual value in human being might not be able to be proven in a test tube, but it can be experienced!

When it comes to the question of effort, the most important thing is not the physical or mental exertion that is involved, but the attitude that one develops in doing things.

gururaj_flor_portadaIf you have the temperament of love, devotion, right action and doing spiritual practices, then you find the direct route to that inner self where all peace resides.

Sometimes the uneducated are more sincere in their search. They are more honest with themselves and they are more inclined to the heart because the mind does not stand in the way.

In daily living, the qualification of spiritual unfoldment shows in the way we tackle our problems. When we can turn that which was previously unjoyous into joy, that is a sure sign of spiritual unfoldment.

Today, people want to experience first and have faith later. In olden times it was the other way around—through their belief and faith people would experience something. Today, they want to experience.

It is said, in eastern scriptures as well as Tibetan, that if you are a seeker of truth, you do not need to go anywhere.

When you say, “I have come from God and I am going back to God,” you are measuring it in terms of your own mind, which can only think in terms of time and space. Beyond time and space, there is no coming or going—you are just there.


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