Resist not evil

  So, in acceptance, you surrender first to yourself by accepting the blockages and the weaknesses. When one does that and when one is honest with oneself, immediately the other force takes over and faces us. It knocks us right on the head. You see its there, seen, tangible and then we surrender to that force. That is what is meant by ‘Thy will be done’.

Gururaj_expresion Resist not evil they say, ah, it is said. What evil do you want to resist? If a man comes and takes your home away, he doesn’t say ‘Sit back and take away’. No, no. If a man comes and destroys that which is most close to you, you don’t say ‘Oh well that’s evil, I must not resist it’ and let things go on as they are. No.

The evil to be resisted, that is not to be resisted is the negative forces that we have created within ourselves. And the best way not to resist that evil is to accept it within ourselves, is to recognise it within ourselves and say, ‘This is it’.

And once, once you accept that, it’s like a ball game.When they play baseball like these Americans do yes and the ball is thrown hard by the pitcher, the catcher on the other end does not try to catch the ball rigidly, it will hurt his hands.Or when we play, we English people play cricket, (General laughter) yeah, we give the hand a bit of a leeway. Anybody play cricket? I’m sure a lot of you. You give a little leeway to the hand, pull the hand a bit back so the impact, the speed of the ball, the force of the ball is not felt so much. The ball comes to you, you just do that. It becomes easy. See. You are not resisting the force. You are accepting the force, not resisting it. See how beautiful? So the evil that is to be resisted is the recognition of our shortcomings and what are we going to do about them

Gururaj_con_discipulos_charlandoNow by doing these things to repeat again, we create an aura. Do remember one thing for sure, that everything you see, everything around us, this table, these flowers you, I, this chair everything, everyone, even Savita, Gita, Amrit and Robert, all of us, all of us are radiating something all the time.

We are radiating. And the human mechanism, not the physical grosser mechanism but the subtle body that we spoke about radiates this force, this emanation. That emanation is coloured by all your positivities and all your negativities.

And that can very easily be felt by the other person. It does not require the mind to feel that or the thinking, the intellect to feel that. You just automatically feel it. You meet someone, immediately you like the person. You meet another person and you are repelled by that person. Why? It’s not because he’s got a brown suit on or a black suit on, or his face is not nice or his face is pretty and handsome and good looking. He had a haircut today and you know, things like that. (General laughter) Life is such fun, isn’t it? Yes. Yes. You see when you need the haircut you know the saying goes, ‘When the Disciple is ready, the Master appears’. When you need a haircut the hairdresser appears. Where is she? She did a wonderful job. Good. Fine. Fine. Good. Now let us get back to business. Good. Dear me. Fine.

So, everything, all of us are radiating an aura. We are emanating this subtle energy. An aura is nothing but energy and that energy attracts a similar kind of energy.

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