Spiritual Practices gives a guide to our yearning

All spiritual practices are meant to awaken that Christ consciousness within you. It is not something gained from the outside. It is there within you all the time. The eternal spirit within man is beyond all experience of motion, it just is. It is a question of superimposition. The sun is always there, the clouds […]

Non Dualism I

Am I non-existent? Ramu:  Beloved Guruji, this question is in the form of a riddle.  I am that which causes awareness to flow from the grossness of the lower mind to the un‑differentiated bliss of the superconscious.  I am not mind, but upon me the mind rests.  I do not move, yet through me all […]

Talking to God

The best way to review our talking is by not talking. Now what does that mean? It means that talk is nothing else but the verbalization of thought. And when thoughts become steady, silent, and find an equilibrium, then the real talk begins, the real review begins between you and Him. So words has its […]

Astrology, Mediums and other psychics

Astrologers are of no use at all! CHRIS: Would you speak about the practice of consulting with psychics, astrologers, and other spiritual mediums. GURURAJ: Psychics, astrologers, and others mediums is an absolute waste of time. They know nothing. An astrologer goes according to the books that has been written about and everyone has put in […]

There is no such thing as miracles

When matter becomes very, very fine it can be observed as a form of energy. Energy is the other side of the coin of matter. Matter and energy are the same thing. This being so, we cannot destroy them. All the energy in the universe is contained within you. The subtle energy within us is […]

The message of truth

The message of truth will eternally remain the same. But as times change, the message has to be given out in a different manner, so that people can understand, accept, and practice it. When they practice they benefit. When they benefit by unfolding themselves, all joy of the universe is theirs, and that is, as […]

Am I enlightened

You cannot know Do we really know now, even with the senses, where we are? We are at this conference center, that we know. But where are we really? Do we know that? You do not know that until you have been totally integrated and been totally centered, then only can one know where we […]

Am I self realized?

Knowing Self Realization TAMAJI: Guruji, if and when meditation leads us to the state of no form, no name, and no senses, how do we know we’re there? And how do we translate that state into daily life? GURURAJ: Beautiful. Do we really know now, even with the senses, where we are? We are at […]