The message of truth

Gururaj_priya_100The message of truth will eternally remain the same. But as times change, the message has to be given out in a different manner, so that people can understand, accept, and practice it. When they practice they benefit. When they benefit by unfolding themselves, all joy of the universe is theirs, and that is, as it has always been, the Way.

Times change. Teachings do not change. Eternal truths remain eternal. But they must be portrayed and taught in a way which is appropriate to the times.

Yes, it is true, so many satans come in the name of the Lord. So many of them do. You are deluded by the satan, but it is not the fault of the satan, it is your fault. Why do you get deluded by the satan?

What a beautiful communication can take place at these satsangs, when heart flows to heart and the energies that emanate from us all become one, become merged, where the guru feels that he is the chela, and the chela feels that he is the guru. There is only one heart.

The heart is the core of the human personality, and it is universal. That is why so many benefits are felt in coming together on (meditation) courses, where energies are radiated and concentrated, where so many individual minds and intellects become attuned to one purpose: to know what is really meant by the injunction, “Man, know thyself.”

The teacher leads a person from his sense of duality and separateness to the sense of oneness—that the entire universe is one. When the human being starts recognizing the inner Divine force he will start recognizing the Divinity in others. Then only can he practice “love thy neighbor as thyself”—otherwise it is just mental gymnastics.

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