There is no such thing as miracles

GR16When matter becomes very, very fine it can be observed as a form of energy. Energy is the other side of the coin of matter. Matter and energy are the same thing. This being so, we cannot destroy them.

All the energy in the universe is contained within you.

The subtle energy within us is so potent that if we only give it a chance, through meditation, to unfold itself, it will benefit us in every respect. It benefits us in our environment. If we make ourselves better, we exude a certain vibration in the environment, and the environment becomes better, too. If the flower becomes beautiful, naturally it makes the garden beautiful.

There is no such thing as miracles. They are all natural laws, but because you don’t understand them you call them miracles.

The individual soul is like a light that requires power, or electricity. The universal soul is the electricity itself and is not dependent on anything else. It is self-luminous.

What happens in siddhis (supernatural powers) is that you are concentrating a force within you to a certain area, in order to strengthen that area. But when you concentrate thought forces in a particular area you are using forces from another area. It is like a balloon; you put pressure on one end and the other end will swell up. Meanwhile one end is being deprived. So what you are actually doing by these practices is creating an imbalance within yourself.



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