Accepting or rejecting… both meet at the end.

Gururaj with FoliageWe are allowed to think. We are allowed to accept. We are allowed to reject. And that is what progress is all about. If you reject a certain thought, I will not say, “Do not reject.” I say, “Yes, go on rejecting—rejecting until you reach the stage of accepting.” It is like two people moving in opposite directions around this globe—sooner or later they will meet face to face at the other side.

There were times in the past, for example, two thousand years ago, when the spiritual Master had to deal with peasant folk. The Sanhedrin, or the learned clergy, would not listen to him. He was forced to speak to the peasants of the land and he could not go into philosophical discussions with those illiterate people who could not understand philosophical truths. So he said, “Believe.” “Believe in thy Father in Heaven.” Why did he say, “Believe?” Because the people were simple people, illiterate people, who were not able to understand what the sophisticated minds of today can understand. So he taught Bhakti Yoga. Bhakti Yoga is to develop faith until that very belief becomes a reality. And this is true—you can try it in your daily life. If you believe something strongly enough, it becomes a reality, always.

Never shatter anyone’s faith. If you have faith in a certain ideal and your faith is sincere, I would encourage you in this faith. If you believe in Jesus, I would not tell you, “That is wrong, you must believe in Krishna.” That would be a terrible crime perpetrated against humanity. Never shatter anyone’s faith, whatever you do. If a person has a particular belief, remember it has come about because that person is capable only of the belief at that moment. When you shatter someone’s faith and belief, you are superimposing your little personal beliefs upon that person. By shattering a person’s belief, you are putting that person’s mind in a particular mold, and that mold is your mold according to your mind and not the Divine mold.

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