Focusing your attention to Christ, Buddha or Krishna

Gururaj_priya_123When we focus our attention on any of the personages of the great religions—gurus, real masters, or spiritual teachers—we are unplugging our hearts. In the unplugging of the heart, the universal force that is there enters. A picture of the great master is used only as a focal point. This can bring those forces and Gurushakti into that togetherness where there is a direct flow. So, that picture acts as a lever.

Sometimes a problem is too difficult to solve. The problem is like a big boulder that cannot be pushed. Using the law of leverage, even the largest boulder can be pushed away if you have a rod that is long enough. Focusing on the object of your devotion or a chosen ideal acts as the lever, or as the switch on the radio. This is normally started with a mental conception, which lies deep within oneself. It touches the inner core of our being and we feel better immediately.

With this conception comes a recognition that, “I am not alone.” We realize that we have this body and mind, and are not strong enough to tackle the problem at hand, but “I am not alone, there is someone with me; and because of that double strength, I can tackle the problem.” It is the old story of the bundle of sticks—when the stick is alone, you can break it; but if you put a few sticks together and tie them in a bundle, that is hard to break.


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