«Looking» vs. «Seeing»

Gururaj with TomThrough meditation we start to make a 180-degree turn in our interpretation of life. The same things happen every day, but become more enjoyable. Look at the little things about which we complain every day: the sun is shining—”Oh, it’s so hot today!”, if its is cold—”Oh, it’s so cold today!”,  if it is raining—”Oh, it will spoil my hairdo!” But when we are established in the silence, we will enjoy the rain, we will enjoy the cold, we will enjoy the sunshine. We enjoy them all because we realize that all this is all necessary.

Seeing is focusing on a particular object; and when you focus on a particular object the mind starts analyzing and you are lost. When you look, in totality,—just looking and not allowing the mind to interfere in looking, then you see the truth.

In just looking you bypass the mind, the conscious and the superconscious, and you just look in innocence. When you do not see with innocence, you see with a certain focusing of a patterned mind.

Communication is in the realm of the mind; communion is in the realm of the heart, the inner Self.

Live the life of Divinity which is total sincerity . . . not that which the mind conjures up, making you think that you are you. Because you are not you: You are God incarnate in human flesh and blood.

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