Deciding what to accept and what to reject

Gururaj_blanco_negro_24It is your free will, your choice, to decide what to accept and what to reject.

Acquire knowledge by all means, but sift it; throw away that which is not necessary. Take the essence.

The more sensitive you become in the perception of good things, the more will you be able to perceive the bad things.

There is no use trying to analyze the mind to find discrimination. Analysis is not the same as discrimination, because all forms of analysis are biased and patterned.

Knowledge is a word that has been so misunderstood! Knowledge is an accumulation of various facts which can be found in any good encyclopedia. We want to go beyond knowledge and into the realm of wisdom—that is something different from knowledge.

The purpose that the intellect must really serve is not to make various deductions, but to make a very simple discrimination between what is right and what is wrong. If you have awakened the superconscious part of yourself, you will find that all the decisions you make will automatically be right.

This applies not only to the talks I give you, but to all the books you read. You might not necessarily agree with the author. Often when I read certain passages, for example, I say to myself, “This is not quite it,” or “This is not so.” But I do respect the understanding that the author has gained; any author will always find someone who disagrees with his thoughts.

That is why Christ, so beautifully, said, “There are many sheep, but not all are of my flock.”

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