Life is an art

We are visiting here in this Elizabethtown College of Enlightenment. You know, once we went to a university to give some talk somewhere, and have you seen I always make fun of things? And I say, «Well, we are at this college here now to start our course, and I believe this is a place for higher understanding.» And so I said, «I tell you why I know that. Because when we came through the road, the driveway, I saw a chap with a book sitting on a high ladder.» (Laughter) For higher understanding.

If I was on top of that roof, I would have pushed that ladder down so he could get grounded and find your higher understanding on the ground instead of floating around in the air.

Gururaj Ananda by LesterLife is an art. We were talking about art yesterday in our small groups. Life is an art, and the art, the paint brush, can be used in such a way to create such beauty. The paint brush of your life. You can just give it the proper strokes to create that beauty. Like Turner, with just a stroke of his brush, he creates a new atmosphere, that English painter we spoke about yesterday in the little groups. You can do the same.

Just a stroke of the brush of your heart which is stimulated by your spiritual practices. And you can never go wrong. No, never go wrong. And if you do in your spiritual practices go wrong, it is not a wrong because there would be no attachment. It will not cast impressions or samskaras on your mind. So even then there’s some benefit to you.
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So leave all those spooks alone that are on the other side. And then, of course, people have seen in cemeteries spooks hovering about above the graves. People have really seen that. And there is some little truth in there. Because sometimes what happens is this, that the subtle body is so attached to the gross body that it takes a little while for it to go into the other realm because of its attachments. And a person with some form of psychic ability, which is not healthy at all, as I’ve said in other talks, would be able to see the subtle body, the ectoplasmic form of that body mixed, of course, with the thought projection and imagination. That can be done, but you cannot help it. You cannot help that particular body.

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So the less attachments we have in life, the easier and more pleasurable going into the other life, or transition, as you would call it. If you walk from this room into the next room over there, and you have comfortable shoes on, you’ll walk there comfortably. But if you have a few pebbles or pin in your shoe, you know you won’t walk to that door very comfortably, but you’ll still reach the door after enduring some little pain.

So chuck out the dirt from your shoes. Chuck out the pins and pebbles by the method of non‑attachment, realizing that this is all so temporary. Of course, it’s temporary because one day you’ll be going away.That is so, life is like that. You come and you go. You come for a visit to learn. Like this visit of yours here. You are visiting this place to learn. Life is like that.

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