Feeling self satisfied

Gururaj_guitarraThe highest aspiration a person can have is to reach that area of absolute knowledge (which means knowingness of everything), absolute bliss (which means being joyful), and existence (recognizing that I exist, and I am all existence as far as the universe is concerned).

There are two kinds of people that can feel totally self-satisfied: the Self-realized person and the lazy bum. The Self-realized person has nowhere to go because he has reached it all. He has become so one with all existence that he can’t go beyond existence itself. He has encompassed and covered the entire existence within himself and there is nowhere else to go. The lazy bum feels self-satisfied because he is lazy.

A Self-realized man is a person who is beyond the attachment of all the qualities of daily living. But the Self-realized man, still being embodied, has to perform his physical and biological functions. He has to eat, he has to have rest, but his performance has a subtle quality to it, and his very breath is meaningful to the atmosphere of the world.

Bliss is self-existent. As a person meditates with regularity, he goes deeper and deeper and reaches areas of greater and greater bliss until he actually becomes bliss himself. The ego-self has now become totally transparent and all the dirt has been washed away through this simple process.

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