Everything in life is a guru

Gururaj_priya_134When you climb the stairs you have the railing to hold on to. You might be strong enough to climb the stairs without the railing, yet the railing is there as a protection to grip on to if your foot slips.

All true teachers live their teachings first, and then teach. Otherwise, their teachings carry no conviction!

Everything in life is a guru; everything in life teaches something.

Every word I speak to you comes from deep experience. I will not speak about anything that I have not experienced myself. If I should speak about anything that I have not experienced myself, then that would defeat the purpose of putting forth the essence of truth.

The duty of a teacher is to impart whatever he has; and it depends entirely on the recipient of the wisdom to take what he can. The teacher comes and goes, giving his teachings, and the more illumined or enlightened the teacher is, the more profound will be the wisdom. The wind blows fresh air; it is up to us to open the windows.

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