The Path of Yoga

Swami VivekanandaThe path of Yoga is not as simple as it seems. The path of Yoga, Vivekananda said, is the path of heroes, the path of the warrior. There has to be determination. Krishna said, “There are a few types of people that want to reach me: the one that wants worldly gain, the one that is in distress, the one that is a seeker, and last, but not least, the one that has real spiritual knowledge and wants to remain forever in touch with his Maker. He wants to be at home all the time, and not stray away.” Raja Yoga is the royal path to that union.

We do not preach any particular religion, but we try to delve into the depth of all religion. I have found that, as Ramakrishna would say, though ways may differ, they are like rivers coming from different directions and ultimately becoming one in the same ocean. So the basis of all religions is but one.

If you are a Christian, become a better Christian; if you are a Buddhist, become a better Buddhist; if you are a Hindu, become a better Hindu. For at the basis of all religions lies the same basic principle, and the same basic question—”Who am I?”


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