Gururaj_bebe_discipulosIswarapranidam” is what all religions are about . . . self-surrender to Divinity. We talk and read about “Thy will be done.” It is just lip service. As long as we have this “me and mine,” then “Thee and Thine” are always forgotten. Self-surrender implies the principle, “Thy will be done.”

Now, if you cannot surrender to the Impersonal God, then surrender yourself to the immanent personal God. Who is the personal God? You can see Him everywhere: in your child, your husband, your wife, your friend, your neighbor, for Divinity resides in all of them. That is the abstract becoming concrete. If the mind cannot conceive of the abstraction of the Impersonal God, let us conceive of Him as a personal God. And that is why we believe and love Jesus, Buddha, and other spiritual preceptors. They were the Incarnations of the abstract made concrete to show us the way, the Way which is life.

A person’s mind is incapable of perceiving reality, which is divine. Yet God can be experienced, and the experience is so powerful that it permeates your whole life, and you exist as love.

Why be veiled by sorrows . . . our entire theme of life is made of sorrow. The problem is you are identified with the role you are playing. You are involved in the play, forgetting the main principle of life that “I am Divine.” You identity with that which you are doing. You are none of that. Identify with what you really are. There lies the secret of joy and the key to life. Why the identification? It is because you are adding importance to the role you are playing, not what you really are.

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