fulness(10)So every man has the ability and the capability of gathering to himself all that there is. Every man is the Son as well as the Father.

Gururaj_expresion The problem lies when duality is created, when because of nescience, separation is found between the Son and the Father. Now this is necessary in the process of evolution, where first from duality, from diversity the unity is found and when unity is found then naturally, separation ceases.

At the time when Jesus said that «I am not the doer but the Father is the doer”, He was speaking to certain people that could understand him on that level of duality, therefore He said, «Pray to thy Father in Heaven». Therefore He said that.

But when He was close to those that could understand Him, He would say, «I and my Father are one. There is no separation». So it means that the Father is an immanent Father. He is here and now co-existing, interpenetrating in all relative matter, for matter and energy are but two sides of one coin and neither could exist without each other.


Now the goal of man is to reach the stage where he ceases to feel separate. It is this very separation that casts delusions and brings a person into the polarities, into the law of opposites.

People view things as two ends of a stick. They either see the right end or the left end but in reality, it is one stick having the polarities and yet at the same time paradoxically perhaps, it is still the same stick, for if the stick is turned around then the left becomes the right and the right becomes the left.

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