The third aspect of Yama is Astaya

Scan 11Astaya, which means non-stealing. Now non-stealing does not mean robbing the bank. It does not mean robbing the bank only, or pick-pocketing someone. Non-stealing also carries with it, within itself, truthfulness and non-violence.

When we are unjust to another, we are being violent to that person; and being violent to the person, we are stealing the peace of that person. What greater theft can there be than stealing someone’s peace?

And stealing implies cheating, unfaithfulness, infidelity, promiscuity.

All these things comprise what we call Astaya, non-stealing. So it’s not necessary that stealing only means money, but stealing also has to do with one’s life style, with one’s emotions, and how we harm or hurt other people’s emotions. That is Astaya.

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