The world around us is created by our hopes and fears

Gururaj_dibujos_manosThe world around us is governed by our conceptions and our perceptions. The world around us is created by our hopes and fears.

When you are acting a role, as soon as you leave the stage you should forget it because it was only a role. We are playing in life; we are playing, playing, playing . . . it is just a role we have assumed.

Now there is nothing wrong in inquiring, there is nothing wrong in examining the grossest matter, as well as inquiring into the subtlest atom. But the issue is that of use, abuse and misuse.

Man has an inquiring ability, a sophisticated thinking mind which can see deeply into things, and can show their causes. He can be very helpful to the world, if he uses his heart as well as his mind. The modern trend is destructive as seen through many inventions that have been misused. But if the heart is expanded, and love infused into the knowledge that the mind has gained, then all these inquiries and their answers can be used for the benefit of all.

If you want acquired knowledge, by all means acquire it, if you require it. And use it in such a way that it is empowered by that depth that is within you.

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