Love thy neighbor as thyself

Gururaj_blanco_negro_15Know that if you are happy (or unhappy) today, you will be unhappy (or happy) tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after. Love is beyond all happiness and all sorrow, because happiness and sorrow are transitory.

If you want to become lovable, become loving first. For if you are loving, automatically you become lovable. You have a magnetic pull. Your very presence creates an atmosphere of love.

You can discard the entire Bible if you can just remember one thing: Love thy neighbor as thyself. That is the most important teaching. That is the cream, or butter, that is churned up from this vast vessel of milk.

But to truly love thy neighbor as thyself you must recognize the oneness between you and me: there is no you and me.

Unfoldment of the spirit is expressed as unfoldment of love.

If I want to make you happy there is only one thing I can do—love you. I could appeal to your logical mind, but that is not what we want. All kinds of things please our minds. Your mind will agree with a certain theory or philosophical proposition, but as time goes on you will find that theory to be of no value to you, and change it. The mind is fickle. Mental contact has very limited value. The greatest contact that can be made is not from mind to mind, but from heart to heart.

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