We always fear loss

All fears stem from ourselves A woman fears that her husband is going out, the husband says ‘I’m going out with the boys’, but in the heart, the woman fears that he might be going to see a girlfriend.  She fears that.  Why does she fear that?  Why does she have that fear?  Good.  The […]

Fear and Negative emotions

Take the knocks of being the rim Now, man can centre himself, only after he can take the knocks of being the rim.  When a cartwheel progresses on the path, on the gravel road, it is the rim that is most used.  And when we can be most used in the experiences of life, and […]

Fear and negative emotions

Fear is based upon our inadequacies So the basis of fear is based upon our inadequacies, and inadequacy is itself a fear.  The basis of fear is insecurity, and insecurity is itself is a fear.  Good.  That can be got rid of by strengthening ourselves, by developing a greater awareness, by developing a greater integration […]

Fear of Death

We prefer the crumbs of our own individuality MURRAY: Why am I so afraid to die? GURURAJ: Death is the thing that should be least feared. The reason why people fear death primarily, there are secondary reasons as well, primarily is this that they do not want to lose their individuality. They would prefer the […]