Man is not born to suffer

Gururaj_sonrisa_y_whiskyMan is not born to suffer. The human being is born to enjoy. It is our inherent right, for joy is within us. We are children of light. We are the manifestation of that eternal essence which can only be called love.

As we go deeper through our meditational and spiritual practices, the movements of love become less and less. Then the reality of love is known . . . stillness.

Whatever the case might be, there has to be nonattachment. For example, all of you sitting here, I love you passionately, deeply, profoundly; you can’t measure it. And yet, I am nonattached to you; for it is not I that is loving you, as you. It is the Divinity within me which is one with the Divinity within you. That oneness, that fusion, is love.

The perception of a self-realized man is on such a vast scale, that the ordinary mind cannot comprehend him. If you want to see the top of one tree, you must stand on the top of another tree. Standing down here you don’t get the proper view. To really understand the total man we have to become total ourselves. The total man always has love and compassion in so much abundance, it extends to the whole earth, it extends to infinity. Nothing can weaken that love or compassion!

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