Para ser capaz de amar verdaderamente, para ser capaz de amar totalmente, tienes que encontrar primero la totalidad en tu interior.

Unfoldment of the Spirit is expressed as unfoldment of Love

Expressing Love is expressing yourself

Gururaj and CansitaLove is neither born nor created. It is a world of existence in itself. To know this existence requires total sacrifice and surrender of oneself to the bigger Self that is within us. The beauty lies in that while probing the “innerality,” we also appreciate the externality.

To be able to live truly, to be able to love in totality, you have to find completeness within yourself first, because love is an expression of what one is.

What is real love? Can love really be cultivated? No, never—love is a happening. Love is like the fragrance of a flower. The flower does not transmit fragrance consciously. It is the nature of a flower to give fragrance, and that fragrance is love. It is the nature of fire to give off heat, and heat, spontaneously given by fire, is love. We do not cultivate love—we cultivate qualities within us that are conducive to making love come. In other words, everything is a preparation for love to come.

A good person naturally has love, compassion and sympathy in his heart. He has the impetus to want to always be good.


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