The mirror of life I

The Mirror of Life I
The Mirror of Life I

«I am nothing» lies in the negation of the little ego

GR17And what is this reality all about? You think you are real. You think you are John, Jean, Jack, Joe. But are you really Jean, Jack, Joe? You are not! That was a label planted upon you by your parents. You are not that. You are something far greater than all the labels that you could have. And when you label yourself you are limiting yourself. You are then limiting yourself to the extent of the small I called Joe, Jack, John or Jean.

Scan copy 98But if you go beyond that, you would find yourself totally limitless. And that is your nature, and that is your reality. All sufferings in the world come because we limit ourselves to that little I: John, Joe, Jack, and Jean. But once you go beyond those Jacks and Joes and Jeans and James, what you will find is that I am not Joe, I am not Jean, I am not Jack; I am nothing. And the nothingness lies in the negation of your little ego self. And when you negate the little ego self you reach your real self. And reaching there, into that nothingness, the area of no‑mind, you become the universal mind. And then, becoming the universal mind, you become everything. You become the totality of existence. You become that which is indescribable but that could only be talked about in a descriptive form.

Scan copy 100So how are you going to describe your reality? If you cannot describe your unreality in the mirror, how can you describe the reality that is forever within you? Ah! Description is not required, but realization is required. It is experiential, where you experience yourself as the totality of all existence. And when you experience yourself as the totality of all existence, then this little body becomes nonexistent. When this realization dawns of that which is all existent, you return back to find the reality in your little existence. Do you see the cycle? The cycle goes on and on.

Scan copy 106Find the non‑existence of yourself and merge into total existence. And then come back and find the reality of your small existence, because your small existence is part and parcel of that totality. Because if you take your small existence away from the totality, then totality can never be total. The entire universe will collapse. But what will remain is this, in re‑cognizing your reality you will also have the sense of the bigger reality through which you exist.

So then, what do we do with existence? Existence is there all the time. It was, is, and forever will be. But you find a new factor, that in that small existence, you live. For life is not just made to exist, life is made to live. But what quality do you give to life, what emphasis do you give to living? That is the discrimination that all must develop and they will. Oh yes, sure. Everyone will.

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