Experiencing oneness

Experiencing oneness

But if you just see only beauty, if you can see only beauty….  How can one achieve that state to see only beauty? You cannot, you cannot see tangible beauty only.  But you can see the reflection of true beauty.  And that reflection is beyond that which is tangible.  So here we go into the area of the abstract, first using the concrete.  And that brings joy to life.  That takes away all the ruffles in life and the rough spots.  For it makes one realize that the rough spots or the good spots do not really exist.  I do not exist.  Am I really sitting here speaking to you?  And who tells you that, that I am sitting here and speaking to you?  Your mind tells you that.  For the mind is used as a criteria for certain recognitions.  It is the senses put at play with the inner organs of perception that creates this illusion that I am sitting here speaking to you.  But if you go beyond that, what would you find?  If you deny me sitting here and speaking to you, what would you find?  You’d find that you are speaking to yourself. This is paradoxical, it is very difficult to understand.  You will find that you are speaking to yourself and that I am not speaking to you.  Then you still go beyond that stage where words are just words and words are like the waves in the ocean, just playing around.  And after we pass that stage, too, then the final stage is reached where there are no words.  So who speaks what?  Who listens to what?  And what is achieved? Nothing.  Nothing is achieved.  The mind enjoys whatever little wisdom is imparted.  That’s all, that’s all.  But when one is receptive like the ground for the explosion of the seed, then something happens inside.  Something inexplicable happens inside where just a glance, a touch, a smile, and not even a whisper, ignites, and the fire rages, a fire that does not require to be fueled, for the fire is the fuel itself.  Ahh, and that is the path of love, that is the path of unfoldment, that is the path of God, and you are it.  Lovely poetry.  I enjoy that. So, you come from nowhere, you go nowhere, and you are nowhere.  And if you take that word «nowhere» and separate it, it means «now here.»  N‑O‑W  H‑E‑R‑E; no where, N‑O  W‑H‑E‑R‑E: now here, no where.  Two opposite thoughts: now here, and no where. Huh?  And yet both are true.  You see.  You are now here, but what is here?  That is the question.  And if you cannot understand what is here, then you are definitely nowhere.  You see. So what is here now?  Not your minds or your bodies.  No separation.  I don’t know why there should not be one big large chair where that one spirit could sit on.  See.  Now those are the realizations that one has to reach to find the entire universe within oneself.  Where the body sees, the mind sees, that little glimmer is left of the oneness with the entire universe.


  1. is it Yoga?

  2. marios Savvides says

    Very,very profound!

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