Divine Grace is the life force within

Gururaj_priya_137The whole secret is peace that passeth all understanding. The mind tries to understand, but peace is felt—peace is experienced. That is the purpose of the soul becoming relative. In its relativity, it tries to find where it has come from and where it is going. This is a valid search. For the mind, too, being part of the soul, can only know itself very limitedly by itself; it needs that force, the inner strength. It needs the help of Grace.

With effort and discipline, one can open oneself to the power of Grace. And then life becomes better and better.

Divine Grace is closer to us than we think—it is the very life force within us. Through our meditational practices, we feel the presence of that force in the stillness. We must be sincere and truly earnest on our journey, not just curiosity mongers, or wanting to find ready-made solutions overnight.


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