Non-attachment and detachment

gururaj_web3416Unattachment means that you, very willfully, want to be apart. You become indifferent; like the old saying, you can have a crowd of people around you, yet you are lonely. You withdraw within yourself, not because of strength, but because of imbalance between introversion and extroversion.

Non-attachment is something totally different, where you are part of your entire environment, where you partake of everything in your environment, where you can love, where you can become one with another. Individuality ceases entirely: there is no you and me, there is just us. That is created by non-attachment. As the Bible would say, “To be in the world and yet not of it,” is non-attachment.

Non-attachment comes when you find unity in diversity and yet you are conscious of all the diversity around you. In spite of all the diversity which your conscious mind sees, there is that inner self within you that shines out all its glory and encompasses the entire universe in Oneness. Then you say, “Tat tvam asi,” which means, “Thou art That.” You progress still further to say, “Brahmasmi,”—”I am Brahma. I am the entire universe; nothing separates me from anything else.” And that is the state of Christhood. That is the state the man, Jesus reached when he could say, “I and my Father are One,” because the Father is omnipresent. The man Jesus reached the stage where he could become One with Omnipresence; that is what is meant by, “I and my Father are One.”

In the state of non-attachment we face our problems. We face them squarely and try to find solutions; and if we are sincere enough the solutions are there, because there is no problem that does not have the solution inherent within it.

Apego, no apego y codicia
Apego, no apego y codicia



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