Can you get self realized in one life time? (III)

Gururaj with FoliageTo act upon what life brings, serving it with integrity. We do not accept passively, we accept the challenge circumstances brings to us and act upon it.

We accept thus the challenge with action. It is not a passive acceptance, it is an active acceptance of the challenges that life brings us.

And we surrender ourselves into action, which gives our little ego the opportunity to solve itself, because the ego is constructed through thought, word and deed. But we allow this to happen by surrendering the ego into service to that which is our center. The heart. Love. We don’t allow that our lives stagnate. We keep performing action.

It is thus through action that we can get rid of those impressions and samskaras, and it is through Grace that the actions that life is demanding from us are the actions that will aid in the cleansing process to get freed from the apparent suffering. We speed up the inevitable process with our spiritual practices.

Through this process of action, surrendering our ego in action, to the point that action is no longer bound to the achievement of results, we neutralize ourselves. We neutralize our Karma. To reach that which is attribute-less you too must become attribute-less.

And this is just a preparation. This is just getting ready to unfold  our own nature fully integrated. A natural process that we can expedite by a simple discipline and the required earnestness and just in a moment, so suddenly, the self which abides within will integrate itself with all the pieces of the puzzle that compose your life.

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