Accepting our Circumstances

Human beings must realize that whatever circumstances they are placed in are the result of their own actions.

Meditation and renounciation

Someone asked me a question this afternoon. This person said that I have a family to look after, children, husband and others, but I would like to have more time to do my meditations. So I would say that meditation leads you into one way, while your action in daily life leads you in another […]

Adversity is just an opportunity

There is no adversity in life. There is only opportunity! That which we regard to be adversity might be the very lesson we need to learn.

No one asks you to become desireless

The creation of unnecessary wants brings you suffering and misery No one asks you to become desireless. No one asks you be totally non‑attached, because your very nature in such that even the enlightened man must have that two percent attachment. Otherwise he would not be able to exist in a body. But there is […]